SUPERHERO: Mr. Manning facilitates interactive workshops around the world, addressing many of the challenges for multiple age groups; from consequences of drug use including alcohol, bullying and making healthy choices, to diversity, conflict resolution, and goal setting. COMEDIAN: Take a seat and put you drinks/food in location where you're less likely to knock them over, because as soon as Corey Manning descends upon the stage... It's on!!! If there is no energy in the room, he brings it. If there IS energy in the room, Corey absorbs it, electrifies it and then takes it to another level.




Youths Served


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What Corey's fans are saying

""...The staff found him very funny and thoroughly enjoyed his routine. The fact that some of his content focused on the topic of mental health was highly appreciated as it demonstrated that he knew and prepared for his audience...""

Rekha Poe

Assistant Director of Mental Health Services Alternatives