Superhero By Day

A superhero, Mr. Manning facilitates interactive workshops around  the world, addressing many  of the challenges for multiple age groups; from consequences of drug use including alcohol, bullying and making healthy choices to diversity, conflict resolution and goal setting.

Mr. Manning served as an Americorps member and went on to become Program Coordinator for NC Public Allies, he was the Director of the Mentoring Institute for Mass Mentoring Partnership, before becoming a Senior Prevention Specialist and Assistant Regional Officer for FCD Educational Services. Mr. Manning assumed the role of Director of Mentoring at YouthBuild USA. He co-hosted and co-produced the popular Boston based magazine television show “Wake Up Live with Corey and Drea” which extended into a daily morning radio show on one of Boston’s popular radio stations. Corey graduated from North Carolina Central University with a Liberal Arts Degree in Theatre Administration & Management.

Mr. Manning provides value-added consulting, that includes comprehensive assessment and customized interactive trainings.

Assesses your organization to gain a clear understanding of your needs, challenges and/or goals.Present a proposal that describes how he can design and implement a customized speech/training that will meet the needs of your organization and constituents. Provides a safe, enriching, and fun environment, that will stimulate and encourage participants to immerse themselves into the experiential activities. Incorporates developmentally appropriate training methods and interactive modules that are specifically tailored to meet your organizational/program/school needs.

Laugh and Learn is this superhero’s motto and he truly lives up to keeping his audiences laughing and learning. Saving the world one world, one smile at a time.

So if you’re ready for a innovative and entertaining speaker, call Corey Manning to your rescue. He is your…

Comedian By Night. Superhero By Day.